Friday, February 16, 2018

Compromising With Your Platform

I don't like compromise.  Especially with my platform.  The whole idea is that, as a developer, my work stands above the competition with better ways to get things done.  Faster, smarter, more secure.

But, if I'm using a framework, I'm suddenly restricted by what I can do.  I either have to change my design concept to fit in the framework, or I have to bend the framework to my will.  Oftentimes, I can get the desired result, but I really HATE it when I can't get it to give me what I want.

Using a framework suddenly makes accomplishing my goal harder, rather than easier.

So, using a framework can make your project easier to develop up to a point.  Once you pass that point, using a framework can challenge you.

Don't compromise.  Force that framework to do your bidding. That's why its there.  And if time constrains, never accept your compromised design as a final design...  Plan to move to your original concept at some point in the future.

If you compromise on your design, then your design is compromised.  Keep that in mind.  That is not a word with two different definitions... that's a truism.

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